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What Should Home Buyers Look For At An Open House?

Home-alex-ma-look-open-house-penthouse-vancouver-1The Actual Home

Shopping for your dream home can easily turn into a nightmare if you as a home buyer aren’t sure what to look out for. You can be easily distracted by expertly staged homes and lose focus on what’s really important.

Here’s a list of things to look for at an open house:

alex_ma_penthouse-vancouver_look-open_house-layoutLayout – Your lifestyle should work with the layout. A poorly designed layout can cost a fortune to fix. A family with young children will most likely want their bedroom on the same floor, but for teens they may even want them on another floor! Having dedicated space to specific parts of your life like an office for someone who works from home is just as important.

Window placement – A nice view is always a bonus but there are other factors to consider. Large windows that allow more sun to shine in can help warm your home and save money on your electrical bill. For more privacy, be aware of the proximity of your neighbour’s window to your own.

Adequate amount of electrical outlets – Having enough outlets in your home can save you the headache of adding more later on. It also affects the placement of your appliances and any other electronic items you plan to use.

Appliances included – Appliances are usually included, but it’s always good to ask. Turn them on to ensure they’re in working order.

Storage Potential – If you’re like me, storage and closet space is one of the most important things to look for when shopping for a potential home. It’s not just about the amount of storage, but also that it’s functional within the space.

Check underneath rugs – Check the condition of the flooring underneath the rugs, you never know what might be hidden under there.

Smells and Stains – If you smell something funny, there’s could be something funny going on. Water stains on the ceilings or along the baseboards in the basement could be signs of flooding, drainage, or problems with the roof.  Check underneath the sink cabinets for water damage caused by a leak in the plumbing. Untreated water damage causes mold and mildew problems.

Level floors – Are the floors in the house level? Bring a level or use any round object to see if there are downward slopes anywhere.

Attic – If the home has an attic make sure it’s well insulated to keep your heating bills low.

The exterior of the home – Take a look at the exteriors paint to check for paint chipping. Do the roof or gutters look like they need replacing in the near future? If you can’t tell be sure to ask.


Yaletown_neighbourhood_alex_ma_penthouse-vancouver-look-open-houseThe Neighbourhood

Take some time to check out the neighbourhood. Tools like google maps, yelp and walk scores are a great resource when researching the community around your potential home. You may even want to get to know some of the neighbours while you’re there to get a feel for the neighbourhood.

Always talk to your Realtor and ask them if there’s anything else they might add. They are there to assist you every step of the way. If you are in Vancouver feel free to contact me at any time, I am always happy to help.

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