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8 powerful tips on how to make a small bedroom look bigger


The average human spends 26 years of their life sleeping.

Waking up in a bedroom that feels bigger not only relieves stress, it can make it easier to get out of bed and start your day. If your bedroom lacks natural light, doesn’t have much storage or the right colours of paint on the wall it can make your small bedroom feel dark and dingy. After reading these tips you will be well equipped to make even the smallest bedrooms look and feel a lot bigger than they are.


1. Add a built-in shelving unit.

This can provide you with more floor space with room to decorate, hold anything you would have placed on bedside tables and replace extra furniture. Replacing these will let you make sure you still have room for your alarm clock, phone or beverage. Shelving that goes all the way up to the ceiling can make the the ceiling seem a lot higher than it is. Contrasting the colour of the unit with the wall colour also makes it really pop.


2. Let in natural light from windows.

Natural light can not only help you save on energy, it is a great way of really opening up a room. Being able to see outdoors helps you realize that you aren’t stuck in a confined space. If the only place for your bed is right in front of a window you could try using a bed without a headboard or a headboard that you can see through like one with a frame.


3. Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the most beautiful of them all?
It could be your bedroom if you implement some mirrors into it. This trick has been used for centuries, wall mirrors can make a room a lot bigger by reflecting light. Mirrored closet are my favourite! Other than being able to see yourself head to toe while choosing your outfit for the day, it can help double the size of your room.

4. What colours make a bedroom look bigger?
Light neutrals like cream, beige, white and light grayish-blue are all great choices since they can reflect light. Make sure to avoid dark colours in a small room since they absorb light and can cause your room to seem even smaller then it is. I mean who wants to live in a small dark cave? Are you a hibernating bear? I didn’t think so.

5. Decluttering your bedroom.
If you want to keep your bedroom looking clean and organized, you should start by getting rid of things you no longer need or use. Not only can clutter cause your small room to feel tiny, but not being able to find things when you need them is frustrating and a waste of your time. It’s wise to clear out old things so you can make room for the new!


6. Multi purpose furniture.
Furniture like ottomans can serve a duel purpose, the extra storage place can be used to put anything extra you have lying around and serve as a seat. Murphy beds have become more popular in smaller bedrooms, when put into the wall room can easily double as an office during the day time.


7. Putting in extra lighting.
A lot of penthouses and condos only have wall outlets for lighting. Instead of lamps on nightstands you could always try wall mounted lights. If you’re in a house, a skylight offers a lot of natural lighting.

8. Paint the ceiling.
A light ceiling with darker walls can instantly shrink a space. When you have light coloured walls matching your ceiling, you can eliminate the shadow lines that visually define it, making the room seem larger than it is.

I’m sure now you can see how these 8 powerful tips can help you create a bigger looking more enjoyable bedroom space. If you are spending so much of your lifetime in our bedroom, why not make it the most enjoyable place for yourself? A little effort can go a long way! If you’d like to see more articles like this and get updates on the Vancouver real estate market subscribe below. You’ll also receive my FREE ebook for a limited time!

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