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17 Curb Appeal Tips For A Better Home

If you’re looking to sell your home or just want a fresh new look for Spring,

here are 17 curb appeal tips that are bound to please.


1: Give your front door a new paint job 



A newly painted door can change the whole dynamic of your home. Here’s a simple video on how to paint your front door.

2: What colour should I paint my door?












Curious what your door would look like as a different colour? Try out the app Front Door Paint available in the apple store.

3: Old door knobs turned new!

alex-ma-vancouver-dot-com-Knobs-3-On-Cardboard-Before alex-ma-vancouver-dot-com-knobs-4-On-Cardboard-Sprayed








Painting your existing old door knobs can be a low budget DIY project that yields big results.

4: Put up new address signs

alex-ma-vancouver-dot-com-new-addy alex-ma-vancouver-dot-com-new-addy-1









                                                                      Home by Ally

Don’t just blend in with all the neighbours. Having your own custom address signs can help people find your home more easily while being pleasing to the eye.

5: Revive your porch lights for $1















Turn your old porch light into a thing of beauty here at stylewithcents

6: Build a window boxalex-ma-vancouver-dot-com-window-box

Here’s how to build your own window box planter.

7: Pow pow power wash!

Get off all that grime, with just a little bit of time. Power washing can be so rewarding.

8: DIY mailbox











Check out this amazing do it yourself mailbox 


9: Cover exposed foundation
















Faux panels can easily cover foundation that’s showing, leaving you with a clean look.


10: Change the entry area of your porch























Check out this link to see how it’s done

11: Hanging Planters

alex-ma-vancouver-plant alex-ma-vancouver-plants-2








Here are 25 do it yourself hanging planters

12: Vertical wall planters can help you save space

Click on this link to view different vertical planter ideas

13: Paint your garage door









Paint your own garage door, here’s how

14: Build a flowerbed around your trees


15: Make your own weed killer


Click here to learn how to make your own weed killer

16: Install real or faux window shutters


17: Put in a relaxing porch swing


Look over your beautiful yard and home from the comfort of your own porch swing. Here’s a template on how you can make your own.

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